R a b a t t a

Rabatta team

Jacob got an idea, and asked if Benjamin and Simon wanted to be a part of it. This is how Rabatta started - here is a brief overview of the team:

Jacob Frandsen Rabatta

Jacob Frandsen

CEO Jacob is the man behind the whole idea of Rabatta. He has the overall operational responsibility for the company. He manages finances, business development and other challenges.
Rasmus Hansen Rabatta

Rasmus Hansen

Marketing Rasmus is co-responsible for marketing and business development at Rabatta. He is in charge of strategy, collaborations, digital marketing as well as development of Rabatta's brand.
Simon Ejstrud Rabatta

Simon Ejstrud

Marketing Simon has co-responsibility for marketing and business development. Among other things, he works with strategy, visual identity and communication of Rabatta's brand.
Benjamin Mikkelsen Rabatta

Benjamin Mikkelsen

CTO Benjamin is Rabatta's chief developer and together with Frederik and Frederik he is a part of Rabatta's development team. Benjamin built the first version of Rabatta.
Frederik Madsen Rabatta

Frederik Madsen

Developer Frederik M is a member of the development team and writes a large portion of our code. He takes care of maintenance and optimization, so Rabatta is live 24/7.
Frederik Schrøder Rabatta

Frederik Schrøder

Developer Frederik S is the third member of our development team and an amazing programmer. He is responsible for maintenance and optimization of Rabatta's code.

Who are we?

There are six people behind Rabatta with different backgrounds and each of them uses his competency to drive Rabatta to growth. We have a goal to teach people to be more open towards using browser extensions and we do this through Rabatta, where you can save money online and find relevant coupons when shopping online.

Our vision is to gather all discount codes and offers in one place. We do this because we don't think you should waste your time looking for coupons and offers. That's why we collect the discount codes, gift codes, coupons and online campaigns from a huge range of webshops and gathers them in our database so that our users can use them when shopping online. With Rabatta installed, the 'R' icon will light up yellow when the customer visits a webshop and display the amount of discount codes available in our database. Once the customer has added the products to their cart, Rabatta gives them the opportunity to test the codes. This is how Rabatta ensures that our users get the best deals no matter where they shop.