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When you visit rabatta.app we collect information about you, which is used to customize and improve content on our website. If you don't want cookies, you should delete them (see instructions)and stop using the website. The section below describes what kind of information is collected and for what purpose.


Rabatta.dk uses cookies which are a text file stored on your computer, mobile phone or similar. This is done for the purpose of recognizing this and remembering any settings, keeping statistics on users and targeting ads.

It is possible to delete the cookies – please see instructions here: (see instructions)

If you delete cookies or block them, our ads may become less targeted, the website may not work as intended, and there may be content that you don't have access to.

Rabatta contains cookies from third parties, including:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Sleeknote
  • Mailchimp
  • Cookiebot
For a further specification of which cookies are placed in your browser, please check the section 'Cookies Consent'.

Personal information


Personal information includes all kinds of information that can ultimately be traced back to you. When you use Rabatta, we collect and process information in the above category. That can mean subscribing to newsletters, participating in competitions on our social media, becoming our user or generally using our browser extension.

Different types of information are collected and processed around it, like a unique ID number, technical information about your device (computer, tablet or mobile), IP, geographical location as well as where and when you click on the website. In the context where you actively give us access to private information, we also process name, email, or telephone number. This will often be in relation to when an account is created through our browser extension.


We have technical security protocols on the website that protects your data fom being deleted, published, lost, or given to an unauthorized person who can misuse them in violation of applicable law.


The information mentioned above is used to identify you as a user of our browser extension when an account is created. In addition, it may be in connection with signing up and sending newsletters.

Storage period

Personal information is retained in accordance with applicable law and will be deleted when they are no longer necessecary. The period depends on the type of information and therefore it is not possible to provide a general time frame.

Disclosure of information

The data about use of the website such as where you click, geographical location, gender, age segment, etc. will be passed on to third parties in cases where the information is public.

We also use a number of third parties to process this data, and which can in no way use it to a purpose other than storing it.

Personal information such as name and email will only be passed on if you consent to it.

Insights and Complaints

As a user, you always have the right to be informed of exactly what kind of personal information is being processed and you can therefore always object to the use of that information. Consent can be revoked and you also have the right to correct or delete this information if it is incorrect. Inquiries can be made by email to [email protected] In addition, you always have the opportunity to complain about our processing of your personal information by contacting Datatilsynet .


The website is owned and published by:

Rabatta ApS
Klokkestøbergade 17 (Room 9B)
9000 Aalborg
CVR: DK42232939

Email: [email protected]

Use of Rabatta's extension

By using Rabatta's browser extension, you give Rabatta permission to interact with your browser in various ways, but we generally have three permissions:

1. Tabs Permission
Tabs rights are granted so that Rabatta can see which website you are visiting and when you are on a website where discount codes are available. In addition, this permission is used to activate our affiliate links which ensure that Rabatta gets commission on websites we have affiliate agreements with. Finally, tabs are also used to add CSS & Javascript in the browser when browsing the checkout page, so you can see Rabatta has found available discount codes.

2. Storage permission
Storage rights are used to store the discount codes in your browser, which means that we do not have to constantly check our database for discount codes. This minimizes the amount of calls to our server and is therefore designed to minimize the load on our servers.

3. Host permission
Host permissions give Rabatta rights to insert Javascript and CSS on all http and https websites, giving Rabatta the opportunity to test the discount codes on the websites that are technically available to us.

What type of information does Rabatta browser extension collect:

Rabatta's extension generally collects six types of data:

  • Personally identifiable information (Name, email, or similar in cases where you agree to this.)
  • Financial and transactional information (This gives Rabatta the opportunity to see if you have used a discount code at checkout and whether a purchase has been completed using Rabatta)
  • Location (IP address)
  • Web history (Which websites you have visited that Rabatta has discount codes for)
  • User activity (Clicking the mouse, scrolling on websites etc.)
  • Website content (Clicking the button for discount codes etc.)

Selling of data

Rabatta in no way sells your personal data to third parties and has through the Google Chrome webstore accepted that no data is used for anything other than our purpose, which is to ensure the best possible discount when you shop online.

Changes to cookie settings

If you want to change your cookie preferences, click on the link below.

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