R a b a t t a

How does Rabatta work in your browser?

All discounts in one place!

We have collected one of the largest databases of discount codes and coupons for webshops and made them available directly in your browser.

It only appears when necessary

Rabatta is only visible when you need it. You will see our icon light up in the top right corner if there are any discounts available for your purchase.

Transparent online shopping

We believe that there should not be any difference in prices consumers pay for an item. That's why we help ensure that everyone pays the same price when shopping online.

Free. Forever.

Rabatta is 100% free to use and will never cost you money. We will always remain free for our users.

100 % safe to use

It is completely safe to use Rabatta. Just download our extension to your browser and you can start saving money.

Always there to help!

If you have any trouble with downloading or installing our service, you can always reach us by sending an email to [email protected]

How do I install Rabatta?

You can install Rabatta veary easily using only two clicks. Check out the video here, or press the button below.


Rabatta automatically applies discount codes

We offer a browser extension - a plug-in that you can install for your browser, which automatically applies and tests discount codes. When Rabatta has tested all available codes it applies the greatest discount for you. This way you are ensured the best possible price.

Cooperates with more than
750 webshops

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  • apropo rabatta
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  • coolshop rabatta
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  • only rabatta
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Discount codes directly
on your phone

Rabatta has expanded to a mobile application, meaning you now can apply discount codes on the go. Download our iOS or Android app today and gain access to all the discount codes directly from your phone.

App Store
Play Store
rabatta download app
rabatta download app

Rabatta team

Jacob got an idea, and asked if Benjamin and Simon wanted to be a part of it. This is how Rabatta started - here is a brief overview of the team:

Jacob Frandsen Rabatta

Jacob Frandsen

CEO Jacob is the man behind the whole idea of Rabatta. He has the overall operational responsibility for the company. He manages finances, business development and other challenges.
Rasmus Hansen Rabatta

Rasmus Hansen

Marketing Rasmus is co-responsible for marketing and business development at Rabatta. He is in charge of strategy, collaborations, digital marketing as well as development of Rabatta's brand.
Simon Ejstrud Rabatta

Simon Ejstrud

Marketing Simon has co-responsibility for marketing and business development. Among other things, he works with strategy, visual identity and communication of Rabatta's brand.
Benjamin Mikkelsen Rabatta

Benjamin Mikkelsen

CTO Benjamin is Rabatta's chief developer and together with Frederik and Frederik he is a part of Rabatta's development team. Benjamin built the first version of Rabatta.
Frederik Madsen Rabatta

Frederik Madsen

Developer Frederik M is a member of the development team and writes a large portion of our code. He takes care of maintenance and optimization, so Rabatta is live 24/7.
Frederik Schrøder Rabatta

Frederik Schrøder

Developer Frederik S is the third member of our development team and an amazing programmer. He is responsible for maintenance and optimization of Rabatta's code.

Who are we?

There are six people behind Rabatta with different backgrounds and each of them uses his competency to drive Rabatta to growth. We have a goal to teach people to be more open towards using browser extensions and we do this through Rabatta, where you can save money online and find relevant coupons when shopping online.

Our vision is to gather all discount codes and offers in one place. We do this because we don't think you should waste your time looking for coupons and offers. That's why we collect the discount codes, gift codes, coupons and online campaigns from a huge range of webshops and gathers them in our database so that our users can use them when shopping online. With Rabatta installed, the 'R' icon will light up yellow when the customer visits a webshop and display the amount of discount codes available in our database. Once the customer has added the products to their cart, Rabatta gives them the opportunity to test the codes. This is how Rabatta ensures that our users get the best deals no matter where they shop.

Frequently asked questions

Our tool is a browser extension that collects all discount codes and coupons from the Internet. When you shop online, our extension will automatically notify you if there are offers, promotions, coupons or discount codes. That way you can save money when shopping online.

Rabatta is free. It is free to both use and install Rabatta for your browser. We will always offer Rabatta as a free product - now and forever. We do this because we believe you should not overpay for anything. We will always make sure that you get the cheapest and best price when you shop online.

You can install Rabatta in your favorite browser here:

Alternatively, you can click at the top of the page that says 'Install for FREE'.

We make money via the so-called 'affiliate'. That means we make money by taking a small commission of the amount you pay when you shop online. It doesn't cost you anything as you pay the best and cheapest price when using the code. It's the company you buy from that in some cases pays us a percentage for using a code on their site.

So what are you waiting for? Install Rabatta and save money today!