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Rabatta is your personal money saver. You’re now one click away from thousands of discounts.
Because we just love finding the best discount codes for you.

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Step 1

Rabatta appears in the checkout ready to test discount codes before you complete your purchase.

Step 2

Rabatta automatically inserts our discount codes to find the lowest possible price.

Step 3

Once all discount codes have been validated we will insert the best one, ensuring you the highest discount.

No more searching for discount codes

Ever found a discount code on the item you just purchased? - We have, and we hate it! That's why Rabatta makes sure you don’t miss discounts on your to-die-for-item.

Add Rabatta to your preferred browser and it will automatically test its vast catalog of discount codes. When finished testing, Rabatta will apply the discount code with the highest saving.

Diing - new discount codes!

Do you also hate to miss out on new discount codes for your favorite shops? - We got you covered!

Follow your favorite shops in the Rabatta App, we’ll let you know when a new discount code is available - No more FOMO.

Community-driven discounts

Rabatta’s discount codes are community-driven and shared from user to user. This ensures that we always have up-to-date discount codes.
Ready to join Scandinavia's biggest discount community?


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